My vision for Lightsport Girl is to open a doorway into aviation for those who may not ever be presented the opportunity. For many, the idea of flying is limited solely to commercial travel. Lightsport Girl will not only show that there are no limitations, but also that the possibility of flying is within reach.

In this day of age, not only do most people not ever get to experience something as extraordinary as flying, but many do not ever know that it is an option to them. Whether it is to pursue a career or just for fun, it is my dream and passion to open as many minds to the possibility of flight as possible. I want share my love for aviation with the world… by inspiring everyone, especially but not limited to women and young girls to dream beyond the apparent limit.

My goal is to take as many “future pilots” that have never experienced flying in a small aircraft, on a discovery flight free of charge. By giving these discovery flights at aviation events and flight schools across the nation, I will be accomplishing my goals and ultimately my vision for LightSport Girl.